Jumpsuit Chiffon V neck Backless Zip Up Jumpsuit Romper Playsuit Black

Really nice jumpsuit, lovely soft material!

I love how you can adjust the zip at the front and at the back to have it in any style, My kids like the zip to the top (lol)
The item arrived all nicely packaged, it didn’t look like much but when I opened it up I was very happy with what I sore, this item is going to be very good for going on holiday as it is easy to roll up and defiantly will not take up to much space in the suitcase, this jumpsuit would also be good for going out in the evening or after work as it is that easy to roll up and put into your bag and will not take up much room or need a iron as it is that sort of non iron material you can get away with.

The leg length is just fine, as some other jumpsuits are either really long and are designed for tall green giants or really to small, this jumpsuit is just right. ( sound like Goldilocks there 🙂
I love the way this feels on your body it hangs lovely on and will look love on my holiday with a nice pair of sandal’s or high heeled shoes : ) oh and a good tan ; )
I haven’t had chance to run this item through the wash so I don’t know what to expect after it comes out but i think I am going to put it on a low setting at 30 decrees and delicate wash just to be sure, will update you with the out come.

Overall I really like this outfit and if it makes me feel good then its a win from me : )

Thumbs Up Girls!

You can buy this from here at amazon : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Skyblue-uk-Jumpsuit-Chiffon-Backless-Playsuit/dp/B01DXU52UG/ref=cm_cr-mr-title

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