The Original Miss Pouty HOTLIPZ Lip Pump

Do you want the Fuller- Thicker- Bigger – Sexier – Pouty Lips Instantly! If Yes Then Try The HotLipz Lip Pump ; )

I personally do not like these type of product usually, but I saw this and thought of my nieces who are forever doing selfies and the usual pouty thing, So I thought for a laugh I would buy it for them, of course it ended up me having to try it out first as I guess if all went bad it would be only me looking like a fish gone wrong lol.

How We All Found It:

We all read through the instructions and watched a YouTube video, You need to make sure that you get all of your lips inside this device as we found that the results are more even doing both lips at the same time rather than doing them one buy one.
Now being a more fuller lipped women I found it a little difficult I must say,to do both at the same time so I opted to try one lip at a time, the effect it gave afterwards was great, while I only did it for under a min (around 30 secs) my girls tell me on each lip, I did see a difference not too much so that your going around looking like a big old puffer fish all day.

It does work and the results are instant, once you get the hang of it you will be fine, but you really do need to go through a process of trial and error to discover what suits you best, I really would recommend slowly at first, do what I did and do it for 30 secs and then the next day maybe a 1 min.

The main thin I would say is ”DONT” over do it, as this will cause bruising, I’ve seen many u tube vids showing the horrors of what can happen if you do, please do research before you try, my girls really just wanted to tare open the box and whack it on and look like Kyle Jenner and do selfies but me being the more safe one said no and I think they’re happy I did, as they all have the pout they all wanted and the great selfie pout LOL

The Product Itself

It’s basically a pair of big red lips that are in two parts. It’s made from a soft silicon type material, and the best thing is you can wash it.
It arrived within a red box in which contained the lip pump itself, a instruction manual and a cute red velvet draw string bag in which you are able to store the lip pump inside, or in my girls case shove it in ya handbag for on the go use.

Overall my girls give this Miss Pouty HOTLIPZ Lip Pump a 10 out of 10, me I give it a ten just for the overall laugh I had with the girls and the sort of sexy pout I had been left with…..would say for us older lady’s its great for a ego boost : )

You can buy this from amazon here:

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