PurOrganica EYE CREAM for Wrinkles

PurOrganica Youth Gel Bring It On!

Well it’s come to that time in my life where I have become my mother! Looking into the mirror and all I see looking back at me is aging.
The deep circles of life hanging underneath your eyes looking like you have gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson, getting up from eight hours sleep still looking like you did when you went to sleep, I can’t tell you how often I’m told that I look tired because of the dark circles under my eyes, I have been plagued with dark circles and puffiness since my children were born. So yes those times are here, so bring on the creams and lotions : )

The Eye Cream Itself:

Well I tried this a few times now and I must say that you feel this eye gel goes to work from the moment you put it on, the smell is gorgeous, it smells like fresh cucumbers, it really is a lovely cooling gel.
Okay so take a small amount and dab it under the eyes (avoid direct contact with the eyes) and then spread it out, it says you can apply it to the cheeks and forehead but at the moment im going to just concentrate on just the eye area.

It says to apply the gel in the morning and before you go to bed at night, now for all you lady’s that work and wear make up in the mornings Im not to sure if that would be okay, you may need to apply it twice when you get home from work, nothing better than kicking off your high heels and get into your pj’s and pampering yourself, but for us stay at home mums go for it. : )

Overall I can’t wait to see how this gel will change my life lines, my son said only this morning ”mum that gel seems to be really working!”
I will update with pictures in a few weeks to show the difference with a before and after!

You can buy this here on amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/PurOrganica-CREAM-Wrinkles-Circles-Puffiness/dp/B00RNSTHM4

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