Hair Straightener Straightening Brush 3.0 From Asavea

I have had my Straightening Brush for a week now and been using it on my daughters hair for school which she has loved.
I found this brush to be very easy to use and I love the fact that it doesn’t heat up like the iron plate ones do around the edges which I always get scared im going to burn the tips of my daughters ears : I

It takes about two minutes for it to heat to the highest setting, which is 200 degrees, So the waiting time is not too bad, There are only 3 buttons on the Straightening Brush, on/off, and temp up and down.
My daughters hair is normally pretty frizzy and curly, I don’t usually straighten my daughter hair but only on special occasions, to stop the frizzyness I will braid her hair every night.

Upon using the brush I did apply heat protect spray into my daughters hair, just so it holds that little bit longer, When using the hair brush, I made sure to take a small part of hair at a time to go through the brush, While the first pass did a pretty good job, the second helped to get the remaining curls, and the third well, you now the saying, third time the charm lol
I heated the brush to the max level at level 5/6 (see chart below) as my daughters hair is very thick, it took us 45 mins to complete the look you see on the pictures : )

The Heat Levels:

– Level1 around 130/140degrees
– Level2 around 150/160degrees
– Level3 and Level4 around 170/180 degrees
– Level5 and Level6 around 190-200 degrees

My Top Five Pro’s About This Brush!

> It takes less than 60 seconds to get as hot as 190-200 degrees

> The Wire rotates 360 degrees

> It’s safe to use…this hair straightening device is constructed of quality DuPont plastic materials,(so to the touch you don’t burn) bye bye no more burnt earlobes : )

> The power cord is a nice length

> Simple to use plug and turn up and go!

Down sides to This brush is:

The only and I mean only down side to this brush is that I kept switching the button off and I would be straightening my daughters hair and be thinking, why is this part not getting straight, look at the brush, Oops iv turned it off Again lol.

Overall My Opinion :

My overall opinion is that I found this brush to be great, I didn’t feel scared to go near parts of my daughters head were I would of with a normal hair straightener.

If I have to give this a score of 1-10 I as a mum would give it a 9 only because of the button….. my daughter says she would give it a
10 out of 10 star rating as she loved it!!
A good buy at a good price.

And check out my video to:

You can buy this from amazon here:

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