Freshly Baked London Self Tan Black Cherry Mousse 200m

I haven’t tried tanning lotion since my school days and that’s going back some, I used to wear the stuff all the time : ) Now I’m a mum I barely get time to wax my legs let alone apply fake tan lol but I thought well the weather is getting nicer and I would like to start getting my (Lilly white legs out) as my husband calls them : )

First impressions when I applied it to the legs was, Wow whats that smell (in a good way of course) now on first smell I would of said that the cherry one smelt more like almonds and that’s just me picking up one of the two bottles I had and testing it without knowing what the smell is first.

I applied this with my niece that said You don’t get that sticky feeling you normally get with other tans nor the smell and the tan dries in minutes, so if you’re in a rush to go out clubbing this is a good must have to have apparently.

It goes on perfectly and looks flawless,(with one of them glove mits) Best self tan about by far she said, I will not hesitate to buy the other scents maybe I will try the coconut or vanilla one next time : )

Overall by far the best decision I have ever made! I would give this fake tan a 10 out of 10 It leaves you with a Great tan, Feeling Fab, Looking Great, Feel Great!

You can buy this from here at amazon:

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