Youpin Beaded String Curtain With 3 Bead

My beaded string door curtain arrived with several other items that I had ordered from amazon also, the curtain Itself was well wrapped and placed nicely within the box, on opening the packaging the curtain was sealed within 2 bags.

Upon taken out the curtain I started to untie the ties. It has a beautiful woven top where a pole will need to be inserted so that the curtain can be held up, I have held the curtain up to a window and the sunlight catches the beads and creates beautiful shimmer on my daughter floor : ). It looks really pretty.
It will only fit across a small single door or to be used has a divider within a room, this is what I am going to use it for but upon hanging the curtain up I think I will need to get two as it is still see threw and my son can still see in unfortunately.

I must admit that it does get tangled, and your find yourself de-tangling the bottom quit often, but that I guess that would happen to any curtain like this : )

Overall this is a nice item, very pretty and will look lovely in my daughters room when I have purchased her another one.

I would recommend buying two if you want to have a more dense look!

You can buy this from here at amazon:

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