Resistance Bands – FIVE Loop Bands

My Resistance Bands came a few days ago now, I was very pleased with them, the delivery was fast as it came with other items I had ordered from prime also. I had purchased these for my dad who is in a wheelchair, I am hoping to get him more fit as he is getting a lot older now and more lazy : ) My dad has very limited mobility, so exercise is vital to keep his blood flowing while my dad is always reluctant to do exercises I am hoping that these bands will help.

People who are confined to a wheelchair like my dad can especially benefit from working out with resistance bands, I have looked into a few exercises that can be done by using these resistance bands and here’s one we’ve tried a few days ago!

One exercises you can do that I’ve tried with my dad!

All you have to do is tie one side of the band to a door handle or anything that will not move.
Take the other end of the band, with your palms up, pull the band in your direction.
Do this with the other hand as well, Repeat 10 times on each hand.
Turn your palms down and do the same thing.
This exercise is good for the triceps and biceps, You can also work your shoulder muscles by using both hands to pull the band across your chest.

My Opinion Overall

Any age can try these bands, they are good as you can Train Anywhere, It’s a low cost Investment so if your on a budget like myself there is no gym fees, its Joint Friendly and Creativity is endless, there are many exercises you can do with these online, do some research in to the best for you, overall these bands are great.

You can buy this from here at amazon:

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