My bracelet arrived a few days ago now, I wanted to wait a few days before I left my review to say how it wears in day to day life and this is how the bracelet went.
I washed up, cleaned up, and done the hovering, made the beds and put the washing out, I slept with it and the bracelet still remained on.
It doesn’t cling to clothes, and it is not flimsy and will not bend, the bracelet pasted the test.

The overall product

The bracelet comes in a beautiful presentation gift box and the bracelet itself is absolutely gorgeous, it catches the light beautifully and really does sparkle.

It has 6 charms, 3 plain flower outlines,2 clear crystal flower outlines ( 5 clear crystals in each one)and one pink glass filled flower.
The chain is sturdy , It really doesn’t feel like your wearing anything, it’s only when the light hits and it catches your eye that it reminds you that you have it on.

The bracelet is fairly long but the chain is extendable so it should fit everyone.
It has stamps on the chain as well.

My Overall Opinion

My overall opinion on the bracelet is that it is very wearable in day to day life, as a busy mum of two it with stands the daily grind : )
I Really really like my bracelet and so did my mum, it is truly beautiful, and for the price I feel it is well worth the money!

You can buy this from here at amazon:

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